B2B Email Starter Package


SETUP: 2 Weeks for Strategy, Setup, Copywriting, Optimization

EXECUTION: 4-Week B2B Sales Email Campaign

$1,970 one-time fee

B2B Email Outreach Campaign

Desired Outcomes:

  1.  Start (and nurture) business conversations with prospective clients
  2.  Uncover which methods, list sources, targeting, copywriting, etc. will yield the quality and volume
  3.  Build & tune a digital sales ‘engine’ you can own and run in-house


We’ll run a hand-crafted email campaign – 4-6 unique emails – to help you start digital conversations with your ideal prospects.

Comprehensive Setup & Build-out (2 Weeks)

  • Sales Campaign Roadmap outlining a rapid-deployment first month B2B sales email strategy
  • Professional Email Copywriting – messaging tailored for conversation. Includes one round of live revisions
  • Tech Stack Build, Integration & Optimization. (GSuite + Dedicated IP)
  • Domains & Dedicated IP Account Setup, CRM Integration & Optimization


    Execution & Optimization (4-Weeks)

    • Up to 750 validated prospects collected, scrubbed, formatted and prepped for your campaign using a blend of niche databases and hunting tools
    • Loading of email campaigns into B2B email platform, and sending test to you for final approval
    • Sending campaign and monitoring all inbox(es) for replies every business day
    • Managing unsubscribes, bounces, and overall deliverability monitoring and management
    • Immediately forwarding warm leads to you (or setting up alerts in your CRM)
    • A/B testing of subject lines and calls to action as needed
    • Final Report & Call on campaign wins & losses, targeting insights, and optimization/scaling recommendations


    No contract. No refunds. No bull. No guarantees.

    After B2B Bandits finishes executing your 4-Week digital sales campaign, we will hop on a call to over all of the wins, losses and other insights. At this point most clients will choose one of the following options:

    1. Hire B2B Bandits to continue running the campaigns for you (month-to-month)
    2. Hire B2B Bandits to train them to continue running the campaigns themselves (hourly), with light support on-demand / as-needed
    3. Determine that the results aren’t good enough to justify continuing, and re-use the tech stack for other purposes (e.g. podcast booking or thought leadership)

    Here’s our full range of flat fee a la carte services.

    You *own the car* with this approach. All lists, campaigns, platforms, integrations are completely owned by you throughout. We’ll even help you find suitable list sources for the different industries you plan on targeting.


    Hard Costs (Covered by us)

    We’ll cover all of the other costs of tools, utilities, etc. that includes:

    • Inbox placement tools
    • Deliverability monitoring
    • Email acquisition, enrichment and validation. 500-750 unique prospects in the first month.

    Hard Costs (Covered by you)

    • B2B Email Campaign Platform – $49 – $79 / month-to-month
    • GSuite – $12 / month-to-month for two accounts
    • GoDaddy (or equivalent) – 3 dedicated domain for campaign – $12.99. we can use suitable (e.g. .COM’s) you already have, discussed during roadmapping
    • SendGrid + Dedicated IP Address – $89 / month* (optional – dependent on targeting)

    Kick-Off Your B2B Email Campaign

    $1,970 ONE-TIME