B2B Starter Package


SETUP: 2 Weeks for Strategy, Setup, Copywriting, Optimization

EXECUTION: 4-Weeks Multi-Channel Outbound Digital Sales Campaign

$2,195 /one-time fee

Sales Outreach Campaign

Desired Outcomes:

  1.  Start (and nurture) business conversations with prospective clients
  2.  Uncover which methods, list sources, targeting, copywriting, etc. will yield the quality and volume
  3.  Build & Tune a digital sales ‘engine’ you can own and run in-house


We’ll run two parallel campaigns – email with your supplied list to X Industry niche, and LinkedIn via your account to Y Industry niche (to avoid overlapping efforts, and allow effective industry vs. industry testing).

Comprehensive Setup & Build-out (2 Weeks)

  • Sales Campaign Roadmap outlining a rapid-deployment first month digital outbound sales strategy
  • Professional Copywriting of all required email & LinkedIn campaigns – these templates are tailored to each industry niche / job title, and include one round of live revisions
  • Tech Stack Build, Integration & Optimization
  • Domain, Email & LinkedIn Account Setup, Integration & Optimization


    Execution & Optimization (4-Weeks)

    • Up to 750 validated prospects collected, scrubbed, formatted and prepped for your campaign using a blend of niche databases and hunting tools
    • Loading of email campaigns into B2B email platform, and sending test to you for final approval
    • Sending campaign and monitoring all inbox(es) for replies every business day
    • Managing unsubscribes, bounces, and overall deliverability monitoring and management
    • Immediately forwarding warm leads to you
    • A/B testing of subject lines and calls to action as needed
    • Up to 750 personalized connection requests via your LinkedIn account
    • Tracking, nurturing, tagging prospects in LinkedIn >>> a CSV for use in any CRM / database
    • Final Report & Call on campaign wins & losses, targeting insights, and optimization/scaling recommendations

    Want Email Only? Get This Package Instead.
    B2B Email Outreach Package



    No contract. No refunds. No bull. No guarantees.

    After B2B Bandits finishes executing your 4-Week digital sales campaign, we will hop on a call to over all of the wins, losses and other insights. At this point most clients will choose one of the following options:

    1. Hire B2B Bandits to continue running the email & LinkedIn campaigns (month-to-month)
    2. Hire B2B Bandits to continue running the email campaigns (month-to-month)
    3. Hire B2B Bandits to continue running the LinkedIn campaigns (month-to-month)
    4. Hire B2B Bandits to train them to continue running the campaigns themselves (hourly)
    5. Determine that the results aren’t good enough to justify continuing, and re-use the tech stack for other purposes (e.g. podcast booking or thought leadership)

    Option 2 & 4 are most common. Here’s our full range of flat fee a la carte services.

    Hard Costs (Covered by us)

    We’ll cover all of the other costs of tools, utilities, etc. that includes:

    • Inbox placement tools
    • Deliverability monitoring
    • Email acquisition, enrichment and validation
    • LinkedIn tracking tools

    Hard Costs (Covered by you)

    • Mailshake, Apollo.io or Reply.io – $49 – $79 / month-to-month
    • GSuite – 2 dedicated email accounts for campaign – $12 / month-to-month
    • GoDaddy (or equivalent) – 3 dedicated domain for campaign – $12.99. we can use one you already have, discussed during roadmapping
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator – $79 / month-to-month
    • SendGrid + Dedicated IP Address – $89 / month* (optional – dependent on targeting)

    Kick-Off Your B2B Sales Campaign

    $2,195 /ONE-TIME