The Art of War of the Inbox
Adapting Sun Tzu's Art of War to Email Marketing

the Art of War of the Inbox
The Art of War of the Inbox - Adapting Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' to email marketing | Product Hunt
There’s a war in the email inbox, and you’re (probably) losing. 

When marketing wisdom fails us, we need to look at other disciplines, such as military strategy and apply its timeless principles. Specifically:

Break the rules to give your business an unfair advantage.
• Step out of your normal templated approach.
• Steel your business against internal saboteurs.
• Recruit business ‘spies.’
• Pick a fight with a monster opponent - or battle your old self.

If you're ready to start planning and executing your email campaigns like a savvy general instead of a reactive marketer - then grab your copy of The Art of War of The Inbox below.
No plug-n-play templates, glittery objects, or empty promises. Instead, we’ll equip you for email battle with hard-earned, violently practical advice.
Principles endure; formulas don't. If there is a formula, it's not creative. - Bill Bernbach

What's In Store For You? 

1) Five distilled battle-tested principles that our team has learned the hard way over 14 years and 22,000 email campaigns. Including:
Stop Fighting Fair
Vary Your Tactics
Use Spies to Gain an Edge
Check Your Biases
Know Your Enemy
2) Thought-provoking questions for you “thinking time” session to help you dig into your blind spots, diagnose your company’s email marketing strategy and create unique tactics.

3) An audio version (audiobook) of the entire series read by Nate Wright & Billy Gold, with a couple of “Easter eggs” sprinkled in between to keep you engaged and on your toes.

Who's Behind It?

The “white-collar crime” of producing the entire Art of War of The Inbox series, was attempted by the following four bandits: