Mailchimp for eCommerce

We help small business owners utilize Mailchimp for driving up sales to their online store on a variety of platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. The type of support includes integrating with Mailchimp, building custom-tailored segments, template creation, automation, abandoned cart handling, A/B testing (email AND website), opt-in management (static AND pop-up). Mailchimp Expert Directory Profile & Reviews.

Our Results

Here’s actual Mailchimp revenue stats from a campaign we ran just last August. This client has about 25K subscribers and has been working with us for about a year now, so admittedly it can take some time to get there. However, we regularly increase our clients’ revenue per campaign by 50-75% within the first month. Schedule a Call.


Our Mailchimp eCommerce Starter Package Includes >>>

Roadmapping Session
* Auditing your Mailchimp Account
* Targeting & Segmentation
* Strategy and tactics for acquiring new customers
* Guidance on pacing of campaigns, holiday strategies, coupon considerations
* Recommend automations based on niche, product, customers and market indicators
Testing & Optimization
With structured A/B testing, savvy planning, and smart segmentation, we can help you get a huge increase in traction from your email list. From re-sending altered campaigns to subscribers who didn’t open the first one, to A/B testing “from names” to your dormant subscribers, we’ll help you uncover what your customers *really* want.
Personalized Automation
Here’s a few of our favorites, rolled out incrementally:
* Welcome email series
* Loyalty email series
* Win-back (for dormant customers) series
* Post purchase “you might also enjoy” product recommendations
* Cart abandonment

What It Does *NOT* Include

  • Expertise copywriting (e.g. authority building, multiple templates)
  • Graphic design (e.g. campaign banner images)
  • CSS / Liquid Styling of opt-in forms on your Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store
  • Buying lists. The idea here is to encourage repeat customers, not get your account shut down by a shitty list
Frequently Asked Questions

Do It Yourself (DIY) Option

We can assist you with the “one and done” configuration then train you / your team via one-on-one screenshare sessions.
Here’s just a few of the topics we can help you with:
  • Utilizing Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop editor to make templates that are custom to your brand AND easy to update
  • Integrating Mailchimp with your store (we currently support WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce).
  • Form Building & Integration (static forms and dynamic pops, e.g. SumoMe, Gravity Forms for WordPress)
  • Facebook Ad account building, remarketing pixel install, conversion tracking, A/B testing, reporting
  • Email marketing strategy and campaign analysis
  • Setting up (and interpreting) Mailchimp and Google Analytics reports
  • Deliverability optimization (SPF, DKIM, techniques for dodging spam filters, etc…)
  • Mailchimp’s wealth of available integrations
  • Drafting, segmenting, and sending effective campaigns
  • Heatmaps & conversion optimization for your homepage / product pages
  • Email template design best practices, testing, etc…
  • Creating automations in Mailchimp, including welcome email series, dormant customer reactivation, review requests, etc…
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