1. Go to Seth’s Upwork profile: https://www.upwork.com/fl/sethrasmussen
  2. Click “Hire Now” Button
  3. Category: Sales & Marketing >>> Email & Marketing Automation
  4. Job Type: Fixed Fee
  5. Contract Title: {{Enter your company name here}} / {{Project title, e.g. Ecommerce Email Support}}
  6. Deposit into Escrow >>> Deposit Full Amount
  7. Price: $100
  8. Due Date: +3 calendar days
  9. Work Description: live training and support via video/screenshare for my business
  10. Tick the Box
  11. Click “Hire Seth Rasmussen”
  12. Schedule the session here: https://emailecommerce.com/optimize-mailchimp-upwork/
  13. Seth will email you directly confirming that you are booked and to coordinate any required account access prior to the call.
  14. Message or email [email protected] with a few bullet points on specific issues you may be having
  15. After the call, we’ll send over any additional bits of advice, and a link to the recording