WhatPageOfSearchAmIOn is one of my favorite tools of marketing geekery.  I stumbled across  it earlier this year when recording a client’s starting search ranking for an Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign.

Hitting the #1 spot for the organic search small biz is one of of my many ridiculously audacious goals for 2013.  Last year, I wasn’t anywhere on Google for that phrase, let alone #49!  May seem like a small thing, but the small biz marketing was flooded after that market dump a few years back which made cutting through the static damn-near-impossible for a little guy like me.

So how did I do it?

To be honest, I have no idea.  I hire smarter guys like Drew Dundon to help me keep my clients up-to-date on the latest Google “Animals” (Penguin, Panda, etc…)  I’ve been doing all of the SEO best practices that you can find out there.

All-in-One SEO Plugin installed and configured – check.
Target keywords in domain name – check.
Target keywords in title tag – check.
Sitemap submitted to Google Webmaster Tools – check.

Maintain an active blog???

That’s probably it.  I’ve been shit at keeping my blog up-to-date till this past month.  Some of the recent blogs have actually been generating back-links which is one of the many factors that helps page rank.  My “Best Small Biz Owners on TV” post actually picked up 11 back-links.  Odd content, but relevant.

Want to see who is linking to your site? Go to your Google Webmaster tools account.  Here’s a screenshot (pictured) that shows you where the menu is buried. Click on the image for the zoom.

I’ve also gotten more “social” lately via the shares on the Digg Digg bar, and heavier use of my Twitter account (thanks to my recent upgrade to the Pro Version of ManageFlitter and BufferApp).

Want to run your own searches.  Here’s the tool. Check out my post on top recommended WordPress plugins for info on All-in-One SEO Pack, Digg Digg and Google Sitemaps that I referenced herein.

Does a certain search engine ranking goal appear in your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions?  Let me know in the comments below.  And as always, shoot me a call or an email if you get stuck on something.

photo credit: Darwin Bell via photopin cc