B2B Email Outreach (Copywriting + Execution Only)




Sales Outreach Campaign

TIMELINE: approximately 4-5 weeks execution.

1) Start (and nurture) business conversations with prospective clients via cold email
2) Discover which methods, list sources, targeting, copywriting, etc… will yield the quality and volume

APPROACH: We’ll run a multi-sequence email campaign with your supplied list, testing and optimizing our methods over the course of the campaign.


  • Sales Campaign Roadmap outlining a 3-month plan (w/ specific strategy and tactics) to use existing lists to generate warmed business conversations for your sales team
  • Pro Copywriting of all required email campaigns – these templates are tailored to your desired industry niche/job title
    • Initial attempt to set a call / start a conversation
    • 2 short followup emails
    • Soft nudge with an alternative approach to those who opened, but did not reply to the initial sequence
    • Non-sales, dormant prospect wake-up campaign (those who did not open any previous email)
  • Execution of the first month of email campaign with your email tech stack which includes:
    • Loading of email campaigns into Mailshake, and sending test to you for final approval
    • Sending campaign and monitoring inbox(es) for replies
    • Managing unsubscribes, bounces, etc…
    • Immediately forwarding warm leads to you (access to inboxes and all tools/platforms will be made available to you)
    • A/B testing of subject lines and calls to action
    • Monitoring of deliverability of sending domain(s)
  • Weekly Report of project progress, campaigns results, optimizations tips
  • Highly detailed final report outlining wins, losses, and recommended next steps
  • Daily (business days only) monitoring of email inbox for timely nurturing
  • Our team will handle all follow-ups, etc… as you to the point that the prospect is ready to have a live conversation (or needs to electronically correspond RE: trade-specific topics)

HARD COSTS (covered by you):

  • Mailshake – $29-$49 / month-to-month
  • GSuite – dedicated email account for the campaign – $ 6 / month
  • GoDaddy (or equivalent) – dedicated domain for campaign – $12.99 … we can use one you already have – discussed during roadmapping
  • Voila Norbert – $0.003 / email – scrubbing software to clean your email list – prevents hard and soft bounces from hurting your domain’s reputation throughout the campaign.

*** We’ll cover all of the other costs of tools, utilities, etc… that includes inbox placement tools, deliverability monitoring. ***

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