LinkedIn Sales Outreach (Recurring)

$775.00 / month



Full, on-going management, monitoring and outreach via LinkedIn. Monthly recurring payment, cancel at anytime without penalty.

Ongoing Work Includes:
* At least 1,000 personalized connection requests sent per calendar month
* LinkedIn messages will be checked at least once per business-day
* Relevant messages will be forwarded to you daily for personalized follow-up
* Stats will be collected (connections sent, connection rate, replies, etc…) and made available via Google Sheet or equivalent
* Rotating out messaging and profile headlines per the provided schedule
* Monthly update of new connections details (including email accounts) … updating a shared Google Sheet is typically the best best, but we can integrate with most CRM’s that work with a Zapier pro account.
* Ongoing optimization and testing of approach to maximize connection and reply rates
* 30-minute monthly call to go over results, make tweaks, answer questions



You are responsible for
* Providing full access to your LinkedIn account(s)
* Providing the email follow-up platform (such as Mailshake,, Hubspot, Outreach, etc…)
* Providing assistance with login issues  (ex. security codes, verification, etc.)
* Maintaining an active paid account with LinkedIn Sales Navigator (currently $79/month) or better
* Providing messaging and targeting guidance monthly … we can help with this if needed via our copywriting partners.
* Keeping your cool when our efforts connect you with a 19-year old “CEO” who fluffed out their profile. This is sales baybee …  feathers will be ruffled if we are doing our job.
* Complying with ‘black-out periods’ … when we are doing a major push in the mornings, you need to stay out of the account till X time each day to stay in LinkedIn’s good graces.

*** We will do our best to answer your questions via email. If you ask us 8 questions a day, we may answer them 8-days later. Not being divas, we just need to keep the focus on starting conversations with strangers who may want to spend some money with you eventually. Squeaky wheels receive no grease. ***

And if LinkedIn does something crazy … we’ll adjust best we can to keep warm opportunities flowing and keep you up-to-date.

Additional information

Prospects Contacted

1K, 3K