Light B2B Strategy and Roadmap




Five hours of one-on-one live strategy / roadmapping work.
Here’s what it will look like, broken down by hour.
  1. LIVE: Kick-off / targeting Рnailing down the entry points for new prospects + identifying 3-4 target clusters with pivot points
  2. LIVE: Strategy – exploring channels, messaging styles, pacing, etc… direct (cold outreach), indirect (referral ignition), and asymmetric (influence/status building)
  3. LIVE: Tactics – getting into the weeds (tech stacks, integrations, backup plans, offline work, budgeting)
  4. I’ll set aside an hour to assemble everything we’ve worked on with my team and button it up into an actionable 6-12 month plan broken out month-by-month
  5. LIVE: We’ll walk through the roadmap on a final call. Often my team’s “rough drafts” will be good enough for our clients to run with portions of the plan in-house before engaging us for execution, training or support.