Meet the B2B Bandits

Nate Wright

The Boss
Nate’s the boss at B2B Bandits. He’s worn all of the hats, and survived all of the ill-advised heists you can imagine. This diverse background has given him enough knowledge of humans, technology, fighting and business to be dangerous.

Shanique Mendez

Shanique is the former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., current Director of Inbox Attack, and handles all the perfectly legitimate business we engage in.
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Konrad Cichawa

Wicked Problem-Solver
Konrad is the go-to guy when none of the other Bandits can figure out a solution to a particularly pesky problem. He comes in asking seemingly dumb questions, and when you start to doubt him, he pulls a rabbit outta his Yerba Mate cup, and voila. He then turns back to filling his head with all kinds of unconventional ideas.

Billy Gold

The Creative
Billy cooks up creative ways to capture attention and unseat the mighty from lofty positions.

David Begg

The Technician
The right-hand man at B2B Bandits, David can fasten together any of the tech, tools, hardware and software we need. Whether it’s breaking into inboxes, or tuning your marketing engine to be the perfect getaway vehicle, David's your guy.

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Val Wright

The Boss’ Boss (kidding … sort of). Valerie runs all of our advertising campaigns and helps our clients stay ten steps ahead of their competition. A wicked smart skeptic, she’ll minimize fuckups, and maximize efficiency.

Kai Tang

Wheel Man
Kai is as smooth of a getaway driver as they come. Hairpin trigger speed, equipped with dynamic thinking and precision allows him to hit all targets effectively when the going gets tough.

"Never stop fighting till the fight is done." 

- Eliot Ness, The Untouchables

Our ‘family’ is strengthened by each member’s distinct background and skill sets. Spanning 4 countries and 5 time zones, we boast experience in multiple languages, dozens of marketing tools / sales weapons, and all of the business markets.