Doctor Who - Series 7BI’m going to take a break from the Small Biz Commandments this week, since nobody wants to read ten weeks worth of those in a row.

Instead, today I offer you one rule I learned a long time ago from the notoriously campy (or as I see it, excellent) sci-fi series, Doctor Who.

Just Help.

No matter where in time or space he goes, the Doctor inevitably ends up discovering a life or death situation in the lives of the communities he, erm, invades.

Now, I might not be the Mad Man with a Blue Box, but I am a mad man with a small business, and if you’re a man man or mad woman with your own small business, then you know what life or death can be like.

Incidentally, phrases like “Help me” aren’t that good for SEO. Phrases like “I need help with” are better, since most folks understand that the internet is not actually going to help you with anything, but can connect you with helpful persons if you feed it specific details.

To living, breathing humans(or Time-Lords) however, the phrase “Help me” is irresistible  It isn’t just a request, it’s a challenge. The Doctor never walks away from someone in need. Sometimes those of us without time machines have to, but one look at our client list should show you that when we can help, we will.

If you could use a boost in business, and especially if it’s life or death (not for nothing are we called Small Biz Triage), give us a call or shoot me an email.

This isn’t the only lesson about Small Biz I’ve taken from Doctor Who, but it is the first.  Just help.