1) Take every bit of advice everyone ever gave you and execute it all at once.
2) Proactively check for new engaged customers and watch, shocked, as prospects and customers unplug from you completely.
3) Panic. Make as many adjustments to each tactic in play as it takes until you run out of home-run ideas. For good measure, keep adjusting after you run out of home-run ideas.
4) Proactively refresh your Google Analytics reports. Once per minute might almost be enough.
5) Ask your friends and family for ideas. Search google for “how do I get my customers to come back?” (handy tip: use ‘related searches’ to find even more ideas) Implement everything. Return to step 2 and repeat as needed.
Easy, right? You know it! You’re all set.
A brief coda to those who sincerely need help with achieving that fuzzy zen state of “healthy customer engagement”: Don’t do the above. Seems obvious, but we are contacted every single day by at least one small business owner stuck in that nasty loop above which has only been accelerating their decline in engagement (and revenue).
So what should you do – test your tactics one – at – a – time, measure the results, rinse, adjust, repeat. Oh, and if you are feeling really brave, just call up one of your favorite customers and ask them how they like to be sold to – guarantee you’ll be surprised.
For more reading, please refer to this article on the scientific method, or if you’d like help testing tactics and measuring the results, give us a call.