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Equip your existing growth team with better weapons for the economic battle to come, via one of our brutally effective B2B Bandits Bootcamps

The B2B Bandits Bootcamp

In the past 14-years, our team has trained thousands of businesses in core AND unconventional B2B sales/marketing techniques. But, 2023 has brought one of the hardest markets in recent history.

Harder markets require stronger professional.

Our Bootcamps are half- to full-day, fully hands-on training sessions tailored to strengthen & equip your team.

Oh, and we know that a day’s worth of knowledge and tools probably won’t fix all your problems… which is why we include 4-weeks of additional support to reinforce your team’s new skills.

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Built For You


Whether your team is onsite, hybrid or scattered around the world, our bootcamps are known for their overtly hands-on nature. 80% interactive, 20% visuals, slides, examples.


Best practices have a shelf-life shorter than organic spinach. Our bootcamps are customized to the situation you and your team are facing today. Nothing pre-canned.


All bootcamps come with a full month of follow-up support to your team, transforming their new skills into muscle memory with coaching and repetition.

Tailor Your Bandits Bootcamp

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A Recent Bootcamp


After a live audit with their team, we determined that this consultancy needed to beat the boring out of their emails, voicemails AND increase their volume of output.


We broke the sales & marketing team into two groups, wrote a TON of emails and scripts, and gave advanced training on their marketing tech stack.


We met with the team for 30 minutes every week for a full month. Without any additional support they were able to recover two lost deals, and schedule 4 more meetings!

Not Convinced?

Book an absolutely free 45-minute training session for your team. This is not a sales call camouflaged as a webinar – if we can’t get you or your team comfortable with the grip on a new b2b marketing weapon, then we’re not the team for you.