Genuinely Curious

“This is just stupid!” I roared from inside my boss’ windowless office. Thankfully no windows meant good acoustics for rage-Nate. Debra, my boisterous, blond boss had been trying to teach me […]

Story Worthy

An ex-friend (we’ll call him J) called me out of the blue today. I had a hard time remembering why we were ‘ex’ friends, so I took the call and […]

Bigger Rocks

“Move the big rock” At first glance, it looks suspiciously like a vague Buddhist proverb, or mis-translated Kung Fu movie, or Native American nugget of wisdom shared only while smoking […]

Tug of War

I’ve been off my game for a bit – well, five-months to be specific. And as I fall back into the comfort of the fall school and work routine, my subconscious […]

Helpless vs. Hopeful

My third fight  happened the summer before my senior year of high school. Several months earlier, I had received my second denial from the Air Force Academy. So I scammed […]

Emotional Injury

Last month, I clocked just shy of two thousand miles driving zig-zagging all across California. House hunting. School hunting. Business hunting. Sanity hunting. Short version: it stressed me the fuck out. Usually, long […]

one problem

I’ve learned a lot from my TV addiction. I was a beta customer of Netflix during the red and white envelope days, and am shamefully proud of my early adoption […]

Remember to Breathe

I got him. I finally landed a solid shot on Fred the Dentist, a soft-spoken black belt and occasional sparring partner. During our other fights we always gently slip by […]

Nostalgic Revolution

I wrote the below ramble a few months after moving to Chico, California. It took me 3-years to do something about it. That “side project” has pulled thousands of local […]

Tangible Reinforcement

Confession time. I’m a resolutions addict. It all started in Murrieta, California. My mom had just achieved three gigantic milestones. After birthing me at 17, not finishing high school and surviving life […]