It would be uncouth to toot my own horn, so instead here’s some horn-tootin’ news about our awesome clients.

Graphic Design

We’re pleased to report that our favorite graphic design company, Chazzzam, is killing it. Just look at these awesome business cards they designed for us:

business card front

Web Design

Small Biz Triage has teamed up with Michael Babcock of to bring you the best PayPal plugins for Joomla! and WordPress. Check out this article we wrote for them.


Early this year, we helped our friend Tommy Walker kick off his series of marketing panels, the MindFire Chats.  Guests on this series so far have included Brian Clark, Doug Pray, and John Jacobsen, industry leaders in writing, storytelling, and marketing.

Episode three airs live on Google + this Friday, March 29th, and features Jon Morrow, Kristi Hines, and Neil Patel. RSVP for episode three here.

Movies and Film

J. Todd Harris is working hard producing a film version of the musical “Lucky Stiff”. The movie doesn’t have a release date yet, so in the meantime you’ll have to be satisfied with Todd’s recently released highlight reel.

The Bath, a short film about a family dealing with Alzheimer’s, is $1200 away from being fully funded.  Fidalgo Films will be releasing a trailer for the film soon.


Seattle author Drew Chapman has a cover for his novel, The Ascendant, due later this year. Cracking good cover, Drew!

ascendant cover

Stroke survivor, author, and artist Larry Pray went on a speaking tour in Montana, and this is what the local news had to say about it.


We’ve already announced that Tai Initiative is kicking off their US-China sub-national relationships convention in April. If China is your thing, you should check it out

Our founder, Nate Wright, got his start marketing Non-Profit Organisations like TheFilmSchool and Savor the Sound. We’re always happy to help out NPO’s, so if your organization could use a boost, find out more here.

Speaking of TheFilmSchool, this year is their 10th anniversary. Here’s looking forward to another ten.

Just for Fun

Taking care of our clients requires quite a bit of work, but even an insanely busy small business like ours requires a little R&R now and then. Here’s a look at what we do when we aren’t helping you.

Nate is working on a graphic novel. This project is still very much in pre-production stage, but the finished product might look something like this:moons of mars

Courtney, our resident newsletter awesomizer continues to write hilarious and insightful entries at her increasingly controversially named blog, Writer with a Shotgun.  Do yourself a favor and read some of them.  Her words are her bullets!

Meanwhile, your humble correspondent, Seth – well I just do what I do.

Thanks for reading this month’s edition of Client Love.  We’ll be back with more excitement soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Rambo expressing his delight that our clients are doing so well: rambo-thumbs-up