I caught myself re-using the ice cream flavors metaphor AGAIN when talking to one of my clients, so I thought I’d ask myself that same question:

If conversation is ice cream, what’s your customers’ favorite flavor?

And cone? And time of day they prefer to eat it?

And what flavor, cone, and time of day do they hate?

Well I like any variation of coconut ice cream served on a cake cone (1 scoop is fine), usually in the afternoon, preferably in the winter.  If snow is on the ground, even better.  I hate soft serve in a cup in the heat of summer. 

And if conversation was ice cream, I would want it:

And what I hate? Conversation …

And my customers.  It varies a bit.  A few love text and Facebook, but the for the most part, 15-minute phone calls (5 minutes of humorous pep talk + 10 minutes of value) in the mornings for one half, after the kids go to bed for the rest.

What about you?

And what about your customers?


photo credit: Chris JL via photopin cc