If your business sells a product, packaging is something you have to seriously consider.  In today’s market, companies are investing more and more into creative packaging design, particularly when it comes to special holiday and seasonal packaging. Coming up with new packaging designs for each season is a big investment for small businesses not just in terms of money, but also in time, creative manpower, distribution and more. Is the potential payoff of investing in seasonal packaging for your product really worth it?

Seasonal Packaging: Is it Really Worth it For Small Business?

Grimes Packaging Company in Florida did some research and created the infographic below to find out if seasonal packaging campaigns are really ROI driven. As it turns out, seasonal packaging is not always a slam dunk, with some of the biggest gaffes coming from huge brands like Coke and Hershey’s. While big businesses like these can weather a seasonal setback, small businesses have to get their seasonal marketing campaigns right the first time. 

Special Seasonal Packaging in the Craft Beer Industry

The effect that good seasonal packaging can have on a business is seen in the craft brewery industry. Craft beer sales go up every year and 20% of these sales are seasonal, according to data found by Grimes Packaging. Relatively smaller beer companies like Shiner use seasonal packaging to make their more expensive product stand out against the bigger, usually cheaper beer brands. How? By not only using seasonal colors and themes, but also by making their packaging interactive, even including pop-out coasters. According to Grimes, interactive and even personalized packaging is a growing trend among companies trying to gain market share for their usually more expensive specialty products. 


With good seasonal packaging, a small business can potentially stand up to the big boys on the shelves and maybe even grab a bigger slice of the (pumpkin) pie. You never know—when a potential customer is trying to decide between buying your product or your competitor’s it may all come down to something as simple as whether they like your packaging or not. 


Seasonal Packaging