Preach What We Practice

The fifth installment of our new blog series, “Preach what we Practice” where we’ll give fellow small business owners a back-stage pass to how we do business. This week I’m digging into Google Chrome.

– Nate –

Background: Google Chrome Extensions

One of the upsides to Firefox back in the day was its fantastic extensions, especially web developer favorites Firebug and Colorzilla. And to be honest that’s what I used until last year when Google Chrome’s fast loading features were just too good to resist.

The Google Chrome Store has a ridiculous amount of extensions … I found the ones covered in this post while searching for add-ons for the tools and apps I was already using. I would check the number of downloads and positive reviews as well to keep things safe and stable.



Package / Cost / Setup

We just use the latest version of Google Chrome – Version 29.0.1547.76 m at the writing of this post.

Setting up extensions is quite easy … some of them may require an automatic reboot of your browser.

All of these extensions are free (or have free versions available).


Which Google Chrome Extensions does our business use:


What to avoid with Google Chrome Extensions:


Bonus Tips:

Chrome Remote Desktop (install). Technically this is an Chrome App and can be accessed from the New Tab screen
I use this to help some of our clients with tricky installs such as the QuickBooks / WP Commerce Integration we knocked out for Eagle View Arms. A free replacement for expensive remote access tools. It’s session based, so don’t expect to ba able to remote into your own machine like GoToMyPC / Citrix.

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