I’ve gone to the Support section of LinkedIn looking for a way to separate my Contacts in to Categories (Recuitment, Architecture, BIM Etc.) but no luck.  If you were to do this, how would you go about it ? And, how do I remove a contact ?


RAPPORTIVELinkedIn is more of a contact builder / connector, not a contact manager. And frankly, due to the ever-changing nature of that (and most) social media platforms, I’d recommend, keeping a high value contacts list (no more than a few hundred) in Excel, Google Docs, or a software based solution for continuity.

You can remove a connection via the instructions here (though I don’t advise it unless you purposely don’t want a certain person from seeing what you are up to). 
In the meantime snag a copy of Rapportive for Gmail which will help you deepen connections with people you email / cc everyday.