Christmas Come Early

B2B Bandits
21 Nov 2012

… well not really, but it does feel damn good to see this before diving into a culinary orgy.

  • Traffic volume and quality is up.
  • Mobile usage has doubled, and bounce rate went from 88% (OUCH) to 12% (BOOOYAH).
  • Picked up my first RSS Subscriber, with a little bit of blog-driven traffic there.
  • Apparently “debbie from napoleon dynamite” drove some traffic because of the mention in my Best Small Biz Owners on TV post.  Strange.
  • Pageviews on the site are up 330%!!!
  • And finally, this little tidbit tells me a lot.  More Case Studies Needed.
  • In other news, check out this killer testimonial (below) from the guys @ Chazzzam who recently survived my marketing training course … a cool new service where I teach someone “everything I know” via Skype Screen-Share feature. 
All little things, I know. But it still feels damn good.  Oh, and did I mention that I made some money along the way too?