Eric Fridrich … website replacement surgery

B2B Bandits
9 Feb 2011


One of my first marketing clients from a few years ago … take a look at the before & after screen caps for site


What We Did

  • Simplified the menu structure … the site visitor is now presented with a digestable number of choices
  • Switched the color pallete to a warmer color … the branding is tropical and vibrant, so the turquoise and grey just wasn’t cutting it
  • Incorporated the “man walking away” icon as an integral, ‘in-your-face’ part of the design
  • Enabled music clip and video clip playing on the homepage, above the fold … used YouTube’s embed for the video, and Bandcamp’s killer audio embed
  • Moved mailling list from ReverbNation to MailChimp …saved $10 / month and increased tracking capabilities.

What’s Next

  • Beefing up the blogging schedule and adding a weekly video blog
  • Add a newsletter sign-up c2a (call-to-action) to the front page
  • Decrease video thumbnail size, but embed two

I’ll share some before / after Google Analytics data in a month or so once the refreshed marketing strategy has a chance to gain some traction.

– Nate –
“The Marketing Guy”

p.s. Drop me a line @ 206-271-6575 or [email protected] to learn more how we can help you improve the health of your small business.