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A Gritty Genesis

Our “family” was born in April of 2009 in Seattle, Washington. Savor the Sound was an event production and artist management company. About a year into it, people started asking if we could do other things – grand openings, sign-spinners, websites, poster canvassing, Facebook, Twitter, email, videos, etc… We went through several silly evolutions from there. That’s Wright Marketing. MyMovieParty. Taste the Music. We finally settled on Small Biz Triage. Then we sloooooowly shed services that weren’t working for us or our clients. Social media marketing was offloaded first; then video production and marketing; then our Joomla and WordPress website work; then business coaching.

In a few years, the only thing remaining was email marketing.

We ‘burned the ships in the harbor’ and officially sunsetted our Small Biz Triage web properties January 1st, 2020 and broke out our email marketing teams into three distinct business units dedicated to eCommerce, B2B and copywriting nestled under Inbox Attack.

Even though our path to success took the ridiculous-long not-very-scenic route, we appreciate what it taught us about growing businesses, selling to humans, and influencing the masses. In total, our family of marketing geeks has helped over a thousand business owners and entrepreneurs, and hand-crafted & launched nearly 11,000 unique campaigns, and collectively helped our clients generate a half-billion dollars in revenue.

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