The True Meaning of 1,000

and where the mysterious Rule #32 comes in.

So I hit 1,000 followers on Twitter today.

Hold on a sec, and let me try that again.  


May seem kind of small when you really think about it. I mean, it’s just a number. It’s not like I had a 1,000 people show up to my birthday party … or funeral.  

Should I feel more popular or awesome or amazing?  


Maybe not.

I’ve helped my clients push past that magic mark several times now, and I’ll admit, it felt good.  Maybe not orgasmic, but good.  So why does it matter to me so much?

Put simply, it’s success.  It’s small, but it’s still indisputable, public success.  I even checked ManageFlitter for “Fake Followers” and the list came up clean.  Nearly all of my followers fall into the small biz or non-profit categories with a healthy helping of creatives, so the relevance is clearly there.  And word on the street is that Nate guy actually knows how to convert followers into leads, and those leads into real sales. (Yes, I just used the third-person to reference myself … I’m celebrating).

So what now?  

Now, I go for five-figures. 10,000 high quality, active and relevant followers. The next millennial  goal will be a thousand free small biz projects completed successfully.  And if my math is right – it usually isn’t – that will give me 1,000 True Fans (Kevin Kelly’s true fans manifesto is one of the few pieces of writing that I can actually say changed my life.  Give it a read).

And until I hit those ridiculously aggressive goals, I will, in the wise words of Tallahassee (ZOMBIELAND), ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS.