handsThis guest contribution comes from Mark Kirkpatrick of smartvirtualphonenumber.com.  Enjoy! – Seth

Plenty of businesses have had great business concepts, but haven’t exactly been in the position to make them all work out. We’ve all heard stories of items that have flopped hard in North America but continue to be loved and purchased in unlikely overseas locations. If your business is struggling, it’s not so strange to think you might be able to find success elsewhere; especially since the internet has made global commerce easier than ever.

The problem for most small business owners, then, is being limited to the language they know. There are hundreds of languages out there, with millions of potential customers speaking each one, but unless you can market to them in a way they understand, you’ve got a very small window of opportunity to sell anything to them.

The good news is that with the increased globalization of business, it has become easier than ever to hire a native-speaking professional that can translate your website, develop a foreign ad campaign, or even serve as a local representative for your business.

If you think your small business can handle this, then there’s no better time to act then now. Check out the infographic below, provided by SmartVirtualPhoneNumber.com , on what making your business multilingual can offer. You might just bring your brand into an international renaissance.