1. Nates-Home-OfficeStanding Desk – sitting is lame, and allegedly standing all day will burn a whopping 14 calories. Goodbye beer belly. – $25
  2. Chair used as a shelf with notes from our last 4 meetings – $60
  3. Whiteboard w/ scrawlings meant to help us optimize our <ahem> awesome Small Biz Roadmap landing page – $50
  4. Laptop with bad screen … the right half is covered in white lines due to a pinched ribbon cable – $400
  5. Monitor from Craigslist … to overcome the laptop screen problem – $30 
  6. Three cardboard shoeboxes – $ FREE (minus the cost of the shoes)
  7. Ikea lamp and light – $10
  8. Yellow Legal Pad, or as I call it “A Poor Man’s iPad” – $1.99
  9. Black Cherry soda from Winco + 2 shots of vodka in an empty Smuckers Strawberry Jam glass jar – $ 1.99
  10. Inspiration from Mags (my daughter) … her christmas drawing of bearded me and an abstract rabbit, I think – PRICELESS

What does you home office look like?

Contact us, and we might feature your *awesome* home office on our blog, or even showcase your embarrassing one (like mine) in our next monthly newsletter so small business owners everywhere can laugh at you.