My name is Rich and I’m Nate Wright’s partner in crime in Small Biz Triage.

I met Nate about 5 years ago while we were both working for one of the largest multinational staffing firms in the world. Nate was at any given time the #1 Sr. Executive Recruiter in our IT division, and at that time I was launching the companies Contact Center consulting division in the Pacific Northwest. Nate had more talent, character and impact expressed in a single conversation than nearly any other person I’ve EVER met (which is saying a lot, since I pride myself on having built developed a far above average amount of strong long lasting relationships).

I feel like NOT telling every new person I meet about Nate would be an injustice to them! His motto, to live a “story worthy life”, his method, to make each and ever conversation “brutally honest” and to never stop dreaming bigger than he did yesterday!

Nate has the gorilla style marketing and advertising chops of a 50 year veteran, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the launch of Microsoft and the Snickers candy-bar! He is a no holds barred, brilliant character and has the, what I believe to be, great honor of sharing results in business versus lip service or smoke in mirrors; something I believe you’d agree is a rare trait these days

– Rich Thompson –