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    Nate Wright is an email marketing and business copywriting expert and the founder of Inbox Attack, based in Oceanside, California.

Nate Wright

Nate Wright


    In the past 13-years, Nate Wright has crafted and delivered over 20,000 email campaigns with his company, Inbox Attack. They are currently ranked in the top 1% of email marketing agencies worldwide on Clutch and Upwork. Nate has been featured by Bloomberg, Pitch Anything, Mailchimp and Mailshake. He lives in Oceanside California with his oh-so-patient wife, less patient daughter, and two ridiculous dogs.


    Nate Wright dove into the email marketing space in Seattle, Washington in 2009. Since then his company, Inbox Attack, has crafted over 20,000 'unapologetically human' campaigns across nearly every industry vertical. His email copywriting and business expertise has been featured by Bloomberg, Mailchimp, Mailshake and Pitch Anything. A 2001 graduate of the USAF Academy, Nate lives in Oceanside, California with his idiot mutt, blind dachshund, feisty teenage daughter and oh-so-patient wife.

Nate Wright