Welcome back to another stunning edition of “How do I (blank)?”  In this post, we answer questions about efficiently pushing blog posts to social media, kicking your email newsletter up a notch, and becoming a spreadsheet wizard.

Pushing Blog Posts To Social Media

Q: I am setting up to blog, but noticed that when I blog it just stays there- meaning it doesn’t post anywhere else= like FB, twitter, linked in etc. I’d like to be able to do that if possible.

A: Here’s an introduction to a few tools we use to get this done.

Newsletter Preheaders

Q: How can I net more opens for my newsletter?

A: One of your prime pieces of real estate when sending a newsletter is the pre-header. That’s what email clients show immediately after the subject line. I’ve attached notated screenshots of what this newsletter looked like in my inbox on Gmail and Gmail for Android (guessing one of the most common email clients used to open your emails with the exception of Outlook).

In Gmail:
Overcoming a Bad Reputation SALES QUESTION: “I recently started working for a …”


In Gmail for Android:
Overcoming a Bad Reputation – [image][image][image][image][image][image]


I’m sure you can use that space to give people another reason to open the email … or at minimum, let ’em know what’s inside.


Q: How do I lock cells so they’ll remain visible as I scroll down the page on my spreadsheet?

A: That feature is called “Freeze Panes” – how to guides here.


That’s all for this week.  If you want help navigating the vast array of tools and techniques you can use to boost your business, remember your first hour of training is free.  Schedule a call.