Alternate title: Just Rock!



Listen, this one isn’t going to be a long tirade or anything.  You know what you do best.  Or maybe you just know what you’d like to do best.  Whatever, just swoosh it, or whatever Nike always pays athletes to say.

Likewise, you have a sense of when you’re wasting time.   A small business must be open to change and innovation to survive.  Duh.  But keep an eye on what you excel at, the roots of your services/products, what makes them work, and the right choices for change and innovation ought to make themselves clear.

To put myself as the sacrificial lamb here, I’ll confess: the plan to host a marketing workshop in San Antonio did not pan out.   The market down there is not ready for that kind of thing.  But you know what?  So what?  We’re still going to Texas, I’m still gonna get that cowboy hat to replace my long lost favorite hat, and we’re going to rock it.  You know why?

Because we’re going to do what Small Biz Triage does best, which is help people, talk to people, and wear cowboy hats with confidence. 

What are you freaking great at?  What’s your niche?  I’ll be checking for comments while I’m on the road, guys.