Gaining Trust in the Virtual Marketplace: Interview with Tim Uittenbroek

This small business owner interview comes from Indonesia, home of Tim and Diana. As the founders of KayuConnection, they provide customers worldwide with custom wood furniture from small furniture makers in Indonesia. While this interview was conducted over email due to time zone differences, Tim took my advice to “not be boring,”, so here you go. Enjoy! Who are you? I would have thought that before doing this interview you would have at least done a little research to figure out who I am?! Just kidding, I realize that I’m not that famous (yet)! All jokes aside – I’m just […]

A "Stock Market" for Local Businesses

This is a fascinating video that discusses the stock market vs. the local market.   TOPICS: Incisive (and humorous) history of the stock market Legal loopholes in the current SEC regulations Kickstarter Kiva IndieGoGo Co-ops advance purchases How to do a direct public offering Alternatives to CD’s State of legislation for a true local stock exchange Here it is … set to start at the ‘local offering’ portion of the talk.   What do you think?  Does it diminish the efforts of the true bootstrapper?   Will it boost the economy? And most importantly, would a public offering help your small biz?