Small Business Taxes – A Cautionary Tale

-or- If you need help, ask for it This guest post comes from SBT’s favorite accountant, Harold Littlejohn. Why is he our favorite? Read on to find out. -Seth Nate […]

Cheap Ways to Start A Business

This week’s guest post is a good follow up to last week’s. You ready to be your own boss? Here’s what Hannah Corbett has to say about it. For SBT’s perspective […]

Will I Go To Hell For Outsourcing?

Editor’s Note: No Doctor Who references in this post, I’m afraid, but this guest post from Holly Chavez goes above and beyond when it comes to thoroughly examining the question at hand. Enjoy! -Seth- […]

2013 Christmas Brag Board

AKA The Year in Review As of January 1st, I, Seth Rasmussen, will have been a partner in this crazy business called Small Biz Triage for one year.  In April, […]

Mailchimp for Small Business

Lessons learned from over 200 Mailchimp campaigns Yep, that’s another milestone for the Small Biz triage team.  You may now uncork your champagne bottles. <pop!> S’alright, enough bragging from me. […]

Using Google Drive for Small Business

Preach What We Practice Series This is the first installment of our new blog series, “Preach what we Practice” where we’ll give fellow small business owners a back-stage pass to […]