Commandment 5: Don’t Dilute

there's no p in our ool sign

As I search for examples for each of our commandments in action or being broken, I’m beginning to realize that many of these are complimentary. This commandment of “Don’t dilute” could be a companion to commandment 7: Rock your niche.

As with rocking your niche, the purpose of this commandment is to remind us to focus. The difference is “Don’t dilute” is more geared towards your tactics.

For example, the number of options when it comes to social media marketing are getting a little ridiculous. Here’s a short list of platforms you might use: 

Twitter, Facebook, G +, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram <pause for breath> and LinkedIn.

There are plenty more platforms out there, and even other services like YouTube might make this list as well.

Different platforms attract different groups of people, so depending on your target market, you might need choose from different options on that list. Unless you have some serious time and cheddar to invest in social media though, you should never be trying to use all of these at the same time. You’ll go nuts trying to manage all of those, and some of them may flat out just not be the right place to be pimping your wares. Touting your product on the wrong platform can even be destructive at times.

The best way to avoid spending your energy, time, and money where you ought not to is to plan ahead. Do some research. Find the shortest distance between you and your customers and start there.