arugulacateringSome quick context here:  Earlier this year we met Chuck at the National Conference for the American Diabetes Association in Texas. Soon thereafter, he signed up for our Small Biz Boost Program, a program that is totally free, but has high expectations of those that participate.  Chuck has a lot going for him – plans for a new restaurant in San Antonio, a recently published book, and a legion of fans of his creative and delicious foods.  After a recent TV demonstration of his cooking prowess, the local host dubbed him “The Pesto King”.  We’ll see if the name sticks!

Anywho, our project with Chuck was all about capturing contact info and MailChimp training, with some best practices implementation work for websites and social media thrown in for good measure.  Using recent successes to find greater success.

After project wrap, Chuck was kind enough to send the following letter, which I can’t resist posting:

Dear Seth & Nate,

My recent experience with your team over the past few months have been an incredible one. Our progressive rebuilding of confidence- while being taught to understand the value of the multifaceted social media network- insures our place in  part of industry we have chosen.

Sometimes technology has driven the way so quickly, I had a difficult time understanding the process. I treated it as though it was a conspiracy rather than a helpful tool as Small Biz Triage has shown.

Once the homework was issued and completed, a discovery was made.

I now understand that these tools are ever evolving and that the mentorship is there for the businesses that have fallen to hard times. The reinvention and the worthiness of what one does is constantly an uplifting tool the guys at Small Biz Triage use and never makes one feel that the decisions of the past have to keep you business from moving forward.

I can not believe where my resources are taking me!  It is up to me to translate these ideas into revenues, but I do see the work was already done, I just simply needed a tune up!


Forever grateful and truly at your service,


Chuck Hernandez.
Owner,  Arugula Catering Co.
Author of Pesto Power

Those are some seriously kind words, Chuck, and for them you have our thanks.  

You are indeed, the Pesto King.