"Unearthing Your Why" @ the Oroville Chapter of the Successful Thinkers Network
UPDATE: rough cut video of the Unearthing Your Why presented in Oroville August 2014

What: Mini-Workshop (20-minutes)

When: August 26th,  2014 – 12PM-1PM

Where: Bird Street Cafe, 2025 Bird St, Oroville, CA 95965

Cost: Free

In 2010 Simon Sinek exploded on the speaking circuit with his book Start with Why. His TED talk on the topic is the 3rd most viewed TED talk ever and for good reason – it defines the foundation for damn near everything we do and care about. So, we tweaked his golden circle concept specifically for small business owners, to help them hone the message of their business. Everyone should know what you’re doing, and how, but do they know why? Getting to the bottom of the vision behind your business will help you reach your target market on a more emotional, personal, and above all human level that simply telling them what you sell.

In this high tempo, highly interactive workshop you’ll answer:

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Note from Nate:  Many of you know we’re quite vocal of our low opinion of networking groups, however, Successful Thinkers is one of the only groups around who deliberately focuses on interacting before selling, effectively injecting humanity back into business. And its free.  AND you get a mini-TED talk from a local member every week.