Because I haven’t updated it in FOUR MONTHS.

And the last two blogs were ATROCIOUS.  Suppose I could pull that post down, or pull the blog down completely.  Transparency is necessary and often embarrassing.  And those of you who know me, know that laziness trumps embarrassment everytime 😉

I do feel kind of hypocritical, though, seeing that I preach that maintaining a consistent market presence is critical for small biz.  I’ve used the age-old excuse of the cobbler kids with no shoes, and – well – other shitty excuses.

Enough is enough.

So I’m going to start answering all of the ‘greatest hits’ questions from my clients publicly.

Why is my Facebook Ad not getting any clicks?

What does a monkey have to do with email?

I have 1,476 Facebook Friends but no sales – why?

You can ask them via Facebook or Twitter or Telephone or carrier-pigeon.

And finally, thank you kind public for giving me a wake-up call that only a marketer would fully appreciate.  You let me know my blog sucked by ignoring me. 

I got the message.