Widget Logic is a great way to selectively choose which widgets appear on which pages.  Very helpful for non-profits with sponsors whose contract is limited to certain services.

Here’s a screenshot of Widget Logic being used to limit a sponsor logo and text to a particular page: 

Here’s an overview from Widget Logic’s plugin page of some common phrases. (Full List Here)

There are endless possibilities with what you can do with theses.  Widget Logic fully supports WordPress’ conditional tags.


  1. Make sure you include a space between the parentheses and the single quotation mark.
  2. If using a categorical condition (to display a widget just on a certain blog category) you may need to to install the Reveal ID’s Free Plugin so you can see the Category ID numbers on the admin page.
  3. Keep it simple … if you find yourself adding dozen of widgets to customize your site, it is probably a sign that you may need a better WordPress theme that supports custom layouts and/or static content blocks such as Salutation


If you have any questions on this, scroll down and leave a comment or shoot me an email.