Break Into The Toughest B2B Markets

Unconventional Strategy Crafted by the B2B Bandits

Recycled “industry best practices” have a shelf life measured in weeks, not months or years. If the competition in your vertical is overwhelming, you’ll need to re-think your approach and execute with a combination of stealth and aggression.
"No plan survives first contact with the enemy" 
-Helmuth von moltke, military commander
Parallel Planning
Over the past 13-years, our team has helped 100’s of companies bust out of sales slumps, and break into new markets.
We spend less time chasing the latest marketing fads, and more time examining a custom blend of timeless wartime strategies, psychology, seduction techniques, and ‘boots on the ground’ intelligence.
The Most Experienced
B2B marketing team
… or at least the most real experience. With over 11,000 ‘jobs’ completed, the B2B Bandits have the depth and breadth of knowledge required to help you break into the inbox / calendar / hearts / minds of even the toughest nuts. And we have the scars to prove it.

Get Unstuck

Relying solely on referrals isn’t always sustainable. When they dry up, a comfortable business can transform into an economic bloodbath.


Breaking into new markets can be deadly to your business. Biases and overconfidence, coupled with bad intel can scuttle any progress made.

Own Your Vertical

Dominating your market will require you to leave your ‘comfort zone’ of best-practice, and add savvy aggression to your growth plans.
The B2B Bandits
are Agile,
Fractional and Scary Loyal
Here’s how we work:

Door Fee

$1K will get you through the door, and buy enough of the Bandits’ time to get a strategy and some quick-fixes in-place to buy you time for the big play.

The Job

We’ll help you execute campaigns on collectively determined targets, then see how deep into the market you can go. Our typical client drops $3K-$11K in the first three months (hard costs plus our fees) depending on how much of the ‘dirty work’ they’re willing to handle internally.

Hit, Stay, or Double Down

At this point, we’ll take a real-world look at our work together and see if it makes sense to continue or pivot. We can train you up on running your sales-op in-house (80% of our clients) or you can embed the Bandits into your operation (20% of our clients).
Word on the Street…
Clutch … Upwork … Trustpilot
  • Nick Hoisington
    Atlanta, GA
    "David and Nate are by far some of the most calm and collected sales strategists we've ever worked with. If you are looking for zen sales ninjas then this is your team to hire. They really know how to set up campaigns that are organic and human which is exactly what we were looking for."
  • Brian Erickson
    New York, NY
    "David and the B2B Bandits team do incredible work. They're experts across all aspects of email, from tactical deliverability and technical issues to high level strategic and the creative/content approach to getting results. They speak clearly and directly about complicated topics that other "email gurus" intentionally mystify. They're friendly, humble and competent partners. I highly recommend them."
  • Upwork Client
    Los Angeles, CA
    "Nate and his team were outstanding. They quickly understood our objectives, set out an action plan, and executed as expected. Fair pricing, professionalism, and all around fun to work with. Great writers and marketers on this team."
Have a Job for us?
We are currently working on 42 different B2B jobs ranging from exploratory missions to massive market takeovers.
But we also know a vertical leaving the proverbial back gate unlocked won’t stay that way forever. If we can’t take on the full monty, we can definitely lend you some tools, advice - and maybe some muscle - to get you there in the meantime.
Make a Call
Just Walk Away
We say no more often than we say yes. The B2B Bandits won’t risk reputation - ours or yours -to make a few bucks. If we don’t think we can get you where you need to go, we’ll walk. Simple as that.
We reserve our right to aggressively reject gigs that involve:
Working with assholes
Folks looking for a business contingency plan
Start-Ups (pre-funding)
The cold direct to consumer space
"Coaches" or "Gurus"