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The B2B Bandits Bootcamp

In the past 14-years, our team has trained thousands of businesses in core AND unconventional B2B sales/marketing techniques. But, 2023 has brought one of the hardest markets in recent history.

Harder markets require stronger professionals.

Our Bootcamps are weekly 'workouts' designed to help you and your teams add skills, sharpening what you already know.

Oh, and we get that a day's worth of knowledge and tools probably won't fix all your problems ... which is why we'll be aggressively moderating an invite-only Slack community to fill in the gaps. Jump to Pricing.
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Community & Support

Expert-moderated group Slack channel. Unlimited archive access.

Freebies & Discounts

Recommendations, discounts, and freebies for marketing tech, database & events.

Attendance Rewards

Show up 16 straight weeks = free one-on-one, 26 weeks = ½ day virtual workshop for your team

Bullshit-Free Guarantee

All of this is backed by the B2B Bandits’ “100% Bullshit-Free” Guarantee. If you show up to every call AND participate in the group chats AND still aren’t satisfied in the first 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund for your first month.

Recent Topics Covered in B2B Bootcamp


Rewriting messaging when a campaign stalls out


Troubleshooting email deliverability problems


Repairing ‘broken’ LinkedIn advertising audiences


Walking through the trickier parts of, Mailshake,, etc.


Optimizing LinkedIn company profiles & automations


Troubleshooting & workshopping questions submitted before or during the workout

Your Trainers

Nate Wright

Writing & Strategy
Nate’s the boss at B2B Bandits. He’s worn all of the hats, and survived all of the ill-advised heists you can imagine. This diverse background has given him enough knowledge of humans, technology, fighting and business to be dangerous.

David Begg

Campaigns & Email
The right-hand man at B2B Bandits, David can fasten together any of the tech, tools, hardware and software you need. Whether it’s breaking into inboxes, or tuning your marketing engine to be the perfect getaway vehicle, David's your guy.

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Val Wright

LinkedIn Ads & Analytics
The Boss’ Boss (kidding … sort of). Valerie runs all of our advertising campaigns and helps our clients stay ten steps ahead of their competition. A wicked smart skeptic, she’ll minimize fuckups, and maximize efficiency.


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