We often declare that email marketing is the highest converting form of digital marketing. It’s no secret that we love using MailChimp to deliver truly interesting email campaigns for our small biz owner clients. 

Here’s your proof of real small businesses using MailChimp to make real money.

Email Newsletter >>> Increases Sales

Turenne Tactical

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One of our most recent campaigns was for a small business called Turenne Tactical.  They had an untouched mailing list of about 900 emails of folks that had bought products from them before.

Our first newsletter for them preformed pretty well for an untouched list.  There were plenty of unsubscribes, but that’s to be expected.  Unsubscribes aside, that campaign netted 300+ opens and 100+ clicks directly through to their featured product of the month. That product sold like hotcakes.

For the next campaign, we specifically linked to high profit margin products and netted 66 clicks.  Fewer clicks, but because of the focus on a high profit margin product they made even more money.

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Back in July, Ubertronix gave their previous customers a chance to upgrade to their latest model of camera triggers, offering 50% credit towards the new model when they turned in their old one. From their list of only 500 contacts, 302 folks opened the newsletter to find out about the offer, and several redeemed it.

That’s an insanely high open rate of 51.8%, for the record.

World Spice

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Our first campaign with them had to be broken up into smaller batches, thanks to their monstrously huge list of untouched customer contacts.  Most of these contacts came from their online store and had expressed specific interest in receiving a monthly newsletter, many contacts came from in-store sign ups as well.

We divided the contacts into batches based on when and where the signed up, and cut loose with a very simple newsletter: one blog article, one recipe, and a link to the featured spice used in that recipe.  

The result:  their biggest sales day since Christmas.

Are you starting to see the common thread here?

Email marketing with MailChimp is the best/least obnoxious way to stay in touch with repeat customers, reminding them you exist and enticing them to repeat business without really having to sell anything. Just pick your focus and don’t dilute  the message.

To learn more about how you can use MailChimp to give your business a boost, schedule a FREE one-hour training session with us.

2 Responses

  1. Great read! This was a great testimonial of MailChimp and the power it can create for a small business. I love the simplicity of the message here and how wonderfully effective it can be. As a small business owner I use MailChimp and other services that help me optimize the effectiveness of my prospects. The idea is to nurture a lead into a customer.
    In my research I have been able to find other service providers that can provide additional value to my business offerings. I was able to find a marketing automation company that provides all the features of a MailChimp and includes additional ones too. All for $1 a day. I had to say something. It is called Automation Hero http://www.automationhero.com. They are pretty new and imporve their product daily but it is another product you may find useful in your quest to build your business.
    Thanks for the great information guys

    1. Thanks for reading, John. Automation Hero looks like it might be in peril of violating our Small Biz Commandment: Don’t be a robot, so I’ll probably give that one a pass for now. Thanks for the heads up regardless.