Corey Singleton's Life, Universe, and Future of Marketing Agencies

Corey Singleton’s Life, Universe, and Future of Marketing Agencies

Nate speaks with SBT’s favorite Canadian, Corey Singleton. Listen to the episode to learn how Corey purchased and sold his first franchise before launching into a new phase of his life, what came after that, and what he believes is coming next.

  • “I was about to be a fireman”
  • Opened first business, “Man with Truck” at 25, holding down two other jobs while going to school.
  • At 29, Corey bought his first (automotive) franchise, and immediately realized he knew nothing about business. This would soon change.
  • Business has nothing to do with hustle or ego – it’s about relationships. A business exists to serve other people. Honesty is key.
  • Going from “I don’t trust you – you’re a car fix-it guy!” to friends.
  • After growing his franchise to #4 in Canada, and with prescient timing, Corey sold his franchise and moved on.
  • You learn real quick when it’s painful.
  • Best advice: Whatever you do – don’t put money into something without a contract. Sign the divorce agreement before you get married.
  • As you get older, you don’t punch people anymore. Canadians don’t punch people either. They spar with their words.
  • On searching out mentors: a mentor is not a trainer. They will take you under their wing – they offer you their patience and time, you thank them with same. Do your homework, leave your ego at the door.
  • Injecting humanity into business: Setting aside time to help people every week. Not charity – put your own oxygen mask first, but once you’ve taken care of yourself you can give what’s left over.
  • This is the way the universe works: Give give give give give.
  • Everybody claims they know how to do everything – the public doesn’t know who to trust. As someone who sells – if I’m going to storm the beach, I need to pick the people and the weapons we’ll use.
  • Corey’s analysis / stump speech on where the world of business is turning: performance based marketing. It’s not just going to change, it must change.

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