So I dove into FollowFridayHelper about 20 minutes ago and was met with this:

R.I.P. FollowFridayHelper
R.I.P. FollowFridayHelper

They have “FollowFridayHelper has been Shut Down for Good” – <sniffle><sniffle>. This was a dreadfully simple, and ridiculously effective bit of micro-copy, but dammmmmmmmmiiiiiiit.

But what now?

commun-it-follow-friday-helperWell, there are some other tools that include features that can substitute, like super-tool Admittedly, it’s a Ferrari when you may just need a pick-up truck, but I cannot deny it’s potential usefulness in focusing on your influencers.

Until I get better acquainted with my new #FollowFriday vehicle, I’ll be parsing through my mentions tab the old fashioned way – Ctrl Click, Ctrl Click, Ctrl Click, …  A little cumbersome, but sometimes taking the scenic route can uncover some potential interactions you may not see when using a tool or app.

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